5 New Books Highly Recommended By Readers

Catch up with what our Bookworld Super Reviewers have enjoyed recently! We have one copy of Waiting for Doggo by Mark B. Mills up for grabs. To enter, simply tell us which book you have enjoyed lately in the comments below. Entries close midnight Sunday 1 February. Australia only.

9781780621739Darkest Place in the Forest by Holly Black

Pre-order now! Out February 2015

Let me tell you about a tale of a girl. A girl and her brother. A girl and her brother and a town that connects to the land of the fae.

Let me tell you about a tale where the writing is reminiscent of Maggie Stiefvater’s. That slow, lyrical feel that makes you think of moonlit nights and pure magic.

Let me tell you about a tale that simply *is* pure magic.

Let me tell you about a tale with fantastic protagonists, protagonists with a sibling relationship that is realistic in its secrets and fighting and honesty and love.

Let me tell you about a strange twist on Sleeping Beauty, where it is the boy who sleeps. A boy who has horns, who is fae, is he good or evil?

Let me tell you about the changeling whose foster mother refused to give him back, even after receiving her own child. The changeling who wants to fit in, and yet is drawn to the monthly celebrations of his own race. The changeling named Jack.

Let me tell you now: you want a copy of this book.

- Nara

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9781472218353Waiting for Doggo by Mark B. Mills

A Bookworld Book of the Month!

I usually get a little squeamish when I hear that animal books are making a splash on the literary circuit. Mainly because I have no inclination to read about a loveable animal that then dies a tragic death. So it was with trepidation that I commenced reading Waiting for Doggo.

But, for those of you who would prefer to know straight up – ITS ALL GOOD!

Waiting for Doggo is a different type of “pet changes his owners life” type of story. Dan, an out of work ad man is stuck with a mangy looking dog when his flighty girlfriend and her guardian angel (of the non-corporeal type) dash off to find herself with a new lover in New Zealand. Dan and Doggo (a stand in name until something more suitable and fitting could be found) have a tense relationship whereby they eye each other off suspiciously, and Doggos stare has the weight of judgment behind him.

He’s got to go.

- Melinda

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9781743566619Talon by Julie Kagawa

Where dragons walk amongst us…

We all know dragons are only the stuff of myths and fairytales, right? But what if they lived among us, appearing and behaving as ordinary humans? In Julie Kagawa’s Talon, dragons have the ability to shift into human form, adapting to survive and avoid their enemy; the Order of St. George.

Born in Talon, the hidden and isolated dragon capital, Ember and her twin, Dante, are hatchling dragons entering the human world for the first time, learning to blend in among humans. Ecstatic to be away from the watchful eyes of her elders, Ember is keen to throw herself into the life of an ordinary teenager. However, things don’t go as planned when a rogue dragon and soldiers of St. George learn her location and force her to question her loyalties.

Conflicted, Ember must choose between a safe, but restricted life with Talon or leave it all behind and become a rogue, hunted by Talon and the Order alike.

- Elise

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9780062313645Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes

Disconcertingly funny, and truly satisfying

This was one of those books that I was unsure how I felt about at first; I found the first half of the book to be very cleverly written and hilarious from the witty protagonist of Anika Dragomir, but almost too similar to other contemporary YA novels. Once I finished the book, though, I was so shocked and horrifically impressed (you’ll understand what I mean once you read it!) by the outcome of the novel that my overall review of it is that it is a really fantastic read. Sure, the typical high school dramas are there and may seem cliche to some– there’s the love triangle, the social hierarchy and sinister queen bee of school life, and less-than-amazing home life – however, the way Anatomy of a Misfit is written is guiltily, almost disconcertingly funny, and truly satisfying. I really enjoyed it– it’s different, dark and brilliantly sarcastic.

- Kiera

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9780734415776The Mapmaker Chronicles: Race to the End of the World

Kids pick of 2014!

First in the Mapmaker Chronicles trilogy by A. L. Tait, this book is quite honestly – amazing, fantastic, awesome. Following along with Quinn and Aysha, the ‘race to the end of the world’ involves a monster, people who will do anything to get to the prize before they do, a stowaway and so much more. I’d love to say more but that would be spoiling it. Let’s just say that there’s never a dull moment when you’re racing to create the first ever map of the entire world.

This book is easy to read, fast moving, full of adventure and surprises, and over way too soon…I already can’t wait for the next instalment.

- Portia

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7 Great Poolside Reads this Summer

After some summer inspiration but not sure where to start?

Check out what the team at Bookworld will be reading this weekend. From the brilliance of John Birmingham to the thriller of the momentThe Girl on a Train, we cannot wait for our weekend of summer reading to begin!

9781742614045Emergence by John Birmingham
Thrills, spills and… sea monsters?

John Birmingham returns with the thrilling new David Hooper Trilogy. Emergence is the first book in the series, and we meet Dave, a firefighter on an oil rig who comes into contact with sea monsters who are responsible for a explosion off the rig. Have we got your attention yet? What happens next you won’t believe. Read the first chapter here! We promise you won’t put this one down.

9781760111441The Spotlight by Roxy Jacenko
Poolside perfect!

Not enough drama in your own life? Pick up Roxy Jacenko’s The Spotlight for your next poolside read and you’ll have all the drama you need! Jazzy Lou is the PR queen bee of Sydney, and her life is crazier than an episode of Keeping up with Kardashians. An enjoyable read for long summer days and warm nights.

9780857208903The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant
Summer reading at its best

Written by Anita Diamant, author of The Red Tent, The Boston Girl is the story of Addie, an 85 year old grandmother talking to her granddaughter about her life. Written almost as a memoir, Addie’s life has been a full one, told against the backdrop of World War I. Wonderfully written with a colourful cast of characters. Fans of historical fiction will enjoy this beautiful new book.

9781743317082Outside the Lines by Amy Hatvany
Gripping contemporary fiction

A touching and heart-breaking novel, Outside The Lines is an insightful look into mental illness and family. Amy Hatvany, the talented wordsmith behind the complex characterisations beautifully ties together two unique voices in a story that is sure to be discussed long after the final page has been read. Fans of Jodi Picoult will love this gripping new contemporary fiction.

9780733633126-1Holidays by William McInnes
Not on holiday? Why not read about someone else’s…

There’s nothing sweeter than the great Australian holiday. To pack up the car, the kids and the dog and head towards the coastline for warm nights, dinners of fish and chips and the inevitable sunburn. William McInnes explores our great love affair with holidays in this hilarious and delightful memoir, Holidays. Not on holiday? Never mind! Pick up this new Aussie classic and you’ll be transported away to somewhere warmer in no time… (and it won’t be long before you’re planning your next great escape!)

9781743530429-1Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
Join the Parents & Friends Association at your own risk!

Who knew joining the Parents & Friends Association at the local primary school would be such high risk? The brilliant Liane Moriarty draws us into the dangerous web of primary school politics in her latest novel, Big Little Lies. A parent is murdered at a trivia night, and what unravels next is an incredibly well crafted storyline that will have you on edge until the very end. Our readers have loved this book, see their reviews here.

9780857522320The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Twists to make your head spin

Many books have been touted as the next Gone Girl, but this twisting psychological thriller perhaps comes the closest. Told from the perspective of not just one but three unreliable narrators, you won’t know what to believe. This cracking, addictive debut will keep you engrossed until the final word. See what all the fuss is about here.

Need more inspiration? You summer reading is sorted here.

Latest competition winners! Brickvention Family Pass, Cook Book by Matt Preston, My Dream Kombi Book

Congratulations to all of our latest competition winners! To claim your prize, please email contact@bookworld.com.au with your full name and address details.

Brickvention Family Pass

Sarah Ziino

Signed copy of Cook Book by Matt Preston

Alanna Jane
MichelleAnn Yardley
Rebecca Yangzon
Sheila Doyle
Shannon Pearson
Justine White
Amanda Casalanguida
Jen Kongsai
Mythreyi Dilip
Anna Hodge

My Dream Kombi book + Kombi Mug

Lisa Shulman
Cherie Boucher
Bec Taylor
Rebecca Yangzon
Kathryn Clayton

Top 5 Aussie Health & Fitness Gurus + book pack winner!

To celebrate Health and Fitness Week at Bookworld, we asked you to tell us who your favourite Aussie health and fitness guru was. Your response was overwhelming – we knew you were all health nuts!

From holistic healers, to quinoa queens and everyone in between, Aussie chefs and fitness gurus are inspring you to lead healthy and happy lives. So without further ado, here are your Top 5 Aussie health and fitness gurus as chosen by you!

1. Pete Evans
The king of Paleo needs little introduction to our Bookworld fans. Healthy Every Day featured in out Top 10 bestselling books of 2014 and his latest book, Family Food is set to head the same way. If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that Chef Pete isn’t slowing down in 2015. Watch this space!

What you said: “He promotes a lifestyle change as opposed to a diet, and he sets realistic goals for food in a modern Australian kitchen.”

2. Michelle Bridges
Michelle Bridges continues to inspire, motivate, and train you to your very limits! You love Michelle’s holistic approach to food and exercise, not to mention her ‘no excuses!’ attitude! Keep an eye out for her next instalment, Powerful Living, dropping soon at Bookworld.

What you said: “I love her style, she is insightful, motivating, genuinely a lovely person and informative.”

3. Sarah Wilson
The I Quit Sugar phenomenon took us all by storm in 2013 and continues to gain legions of fans. Sarah Wilson revolutionised how Australian’s thought about sugar. We’re excited to see what’s next from the IQS team!

What you said: “Her nutrition advice is spot on, she’s reminded me to be gentle with myself time and time again and that’s perhaps had the biggest impact so far.”

4. Janella Purcell
Janella was eating quinoa and kale long before the rest of us, and her latest book Janella’s Super Natural Foods is an inspiring guide to adopting a healthy wholesome lifestyle. If you love your superfoods, make sure to check out Janella’s delicious recipes.

What you said: “She’s alternative, vibrant, creative, opinionated and I love her balanced lifestyle. So much knowledge and so accessible.”

5. Lola Berry
Lola gave us the beautiful 20/20 Diet Cookbook in 2014, and we’re so excited for her new book, The Happy Cookbook which promises to add a “little extra sparkle” into your health and wellness. If you like your cookbooks with a side of ‘smile’ – make sure to add this one to your collection in 2015.

What you said: “Lola Berry because of her overall view on health and wellness as well as her focus on whole foods. Plus she has some amazing recipes.”

Special mentions: It’s not a finished list without special mention to some other much loved health and fitness gurus! Featuring: Steve ‘Commando’ Willis, one fan said she wouldn’t mind doing drills for him; Luke and Scott a.k.a. The Clean Living Boys – we’re huge fans of these guys in the office; Shannan Ponton – a no-excuses trainer from The Biggest Loser; Lee Holmes – eat clean, green and vegetarian; and Belle Gibson from The Whole Pantry.

Winner Announcement!
Congratulations to Katie Baker, winner of the health and fitness book pack. Katie said her favourite health and fitness guru was her husband. “He’s gotten me on the road to getting back into shape after baby number five. He encourages me to strive and have a positive attitude towards everything in life. He surprised me with a mountain bike so we can ride together. I love Pete Evans, Sarah Wilson, Michelle Bridges etc but they don’t live with me and give me inspiration every day like my husband does. If I can do it anyone can.”

Please email us at contact@bookworld.com.au or PM Bookworld on Facebook to claim your prize.

There’s still time to grab up to 40% off health and fitness books and DVDs until midnight Sunday 11 January 2015. Grab the code below!health-fitness-java

Winner Announcements! Matthew Reilly, The Hunger Games + Plenty More


Congratulations to the winners of our ten signed copies of The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly!

Tim Brady
Ingrid Meadows
Jordan Santa Maria
Jordan Barnesy
Ainslie Birthisel
Ryan Joseph Tasman Casey
Kimberley Sheppard
Narissa Hribar
Larissa Vanstien
Alyssa Williams

Congrats to the winner of our Hunger Games Book Set:

Meg Evenden

Congratulations to the winners of our three signed copies of ‘Plenty More’ by Ottolenghi (Instagram).


Please drop us an email at contact@bookworld.com.au with your postal addresses :)

The 2014 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards

Everyone at Bookworld would like to offer a HUGE congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards!

The winners:

9780732291204A World of Other People by Steven Carroll
Cinematic, intense and unflinching, A WORLD OF OTHER PEOPLE is a supremely life-affirming evocation of love in war time, when every decision, and every day, matters . A World of Other People is a life-affirming evocation of love in war time, when every decision, and every day, matters. Set in 1941 during the Blitz, Steven Carroll’s cinematic new novel traces the love affair of Jim, an Australian pilot in Bomber Command, and Iris, a forthright young Londoner, finding her voice as a writer. Haunted by secrets and malign coincidence, the couple struggles to build a future free of society’s thin-lipped disapproval. Iris shares rooftop firewatching duties with the poet TS Eliot, who unwittingly seals their fate with his famous verse ‘Little Gidding’. Miles Franklin Award-winning author Steven Carroll has produced a delicate yet unflinching piece of historical fiction that captures quiet romance in the midst of great unrest. Buy Here.

The Narrow Road To The Deep North by Richard Flanagan9780857980366
AC Grayling, the chair of the prestigious literary prize said The Narrow Road to the Deep North was ‘profound and often harrowing’ and that it is an ‘extremely powerful book’. 

August, 1943. In the despair of a Japanese POW camp on the Thai-Burma death railway, Australian surgeon Dorrigo Evans is haunted by his love affair with his uncle’s young wife two years earlier. Struggling to save the men under his command from starvation, from cholera, from beatings, he receives a letter that will change his life forever. This savagely beautiful novel is a story about the many forms of love and death, of war and truth, as one man comes of age, prospers, only to discover all that he has lost. Buy Here.


Drag Down to Unlock or Place an Emergency Call by Melinda Smith


Moving Among Strangers by Gabrille Carey9780702249921
Two literary lives defined by storytelling and secrets As her mother Joan lies dying, Gabrielle Carey writes a letter to Joan’s childhood friend, the reclusive novelist Randolph Stow. This letter sets in motion a literary pilgrimage that reveals long-buried family secrets. Like her mother, Stow had grown up in Western Australia. After early literary success and a Miles Franklin Award win in 1958 for his novel To the Islands, he left for England and a life of self-imposed exile. Living most of her life on the east coast, Gabrielle was also estranged from her family’s west Australian roots, but never questioned why. A devoted fan of Stow’s writing, she becomes fascinated by his connection with her mother, but before she can meet him he dies. With only a few pieces of correspondence to guide her, Gabrielle embarks on a journey from the red-dirt landscape of Western Australia to the English seaside town of Harwich to understand her family’s past and Stow’s place in it. Moving Among Strangers is a celebration of one of Australia’s most enigmatic and visionary writers. Buy Here.

Madeleine: A Life of Madeleine St John by Helen Trinca 9781921922848
At the age of fifteen Madeleine saw herself as a painter and pianist, but Ms Medway peered down at Madeleine during her entrance interview in 1957 and announced: ‘You know dear, I think you might write.’ Madeleine would write. But not for some time. The Women in Black, a sparkling gem that belied the difficulties that had dogged her own life, was published when Madeleine St John was in her fifties. Her third novel, The Essence of the Thing, was shortlisted for the 1997 Booker Prize, and she continued to write until her death in 2006. Helen Trinca has captured the troubled life of Madeleine St John in this moving account of a remarkable writer. After the death of her mother when Madeleine was just twelve, she struggled to find her place in the world. Estranging herself from her family, and from Australia, she lived for a time in the US before moving to London where Robert Hughes, Germaine Greer, Bruce Beresford, Barry Humphries and Clive James were making their mark. In 1993, when The Women in Black was published, it became clear what a marvellous writer Madeleine St John was. Buy Here.

Prize for Australian History

Broken Nation: Australians in the Great War by Joan Beaumont9781741751383
The Great War was, for the majority of Australians, one that was fought at home. As casualties of this monstrous war mounted, they triggered a political crisis of unprecedented ferocity in Australian history. Faultlines emerged in the ensuing years that would forever change the political landscape, rendering Australia a broken nation. And yet, despite the deep sacrifices and in the face of a mounting death toll, most Australians continued to support the war. It was their resilience, their willingness to suffer economic hardship and their stoic acceptance of casualties that no modern democracy would tolerate that made the war effort possible. Joan Beaumont’s Broken Nation is the first book to bring together all the dimensions of the Great War, in a narrative that weaves together brilliant scholarship with storytelling, bringing to life the young men in the battlefield trenches and their loved ones at home. We witness the fear and courage of the tens of thousands of soldiers, pace the war rooms of Australian command that dictated the direction of the war, and come to understand the deep sacrifices as death on an unprecedented scale mounts.
Broken Nation brings lucid insight into the mass grief and pride that has made the memory of this terrible war central to the making of Australia. Accessible and authoritative, Broken Nation is the essential companion as Australians head towards the centenary of the Great War. Buy Here.

Australia’s Secret War: How Unionists Sabotaged Our Troops in World War II by Hal G.P. Colebatch9780980677874
How trade unions sabotaged Australian military forces in World War II. Buy Now.

Young Adult Fiction
The Incredible Here and Now by Felcity Castagna
Michael’s older brother dies at the beginning of the summer he turns 15, but as its title suggests The Incredible Here and Now is a tale of wonder, not of tragedy. Presented as a series of vignettes, in the tradition of Sandra Cisneros’ Young Adult classic The House on Mango Street, it tells of Michael’s coming of age in a year 9781922146366which brings him grief and romance; and of the place he lives in Western Sydney where ‘those who don’t know any better drive through the neighbourhood and lock their car doors’, and those who do, flourish in its mix of cultures. Through his perceptions, the reader becomes familiar with Michael’s community and its surroundings, the unsettled life of his family, the girl he meets at the local pool, the friends that gather in the McDonalds parking lot at night, the white Pontiac Trans Am that lights up his life like a magical talisman. Buy Now.

Children’s Fiction

Silver Buttons by Bob Graham9781406342246
Bob Graham beautifully captures a world vision in one solitary moment. At 9.59 on Thursday morning, Jodie draws a duck. Just as she is about to add one final silver button to the duck’s boots, her little brother takes his first step. At this exact same moment, a man buys bread, a soldier leaves home, a baby is being born…Here is a book, a story, a philosophy so simply told and yet – in true and inimitable Bob Graham style – so rich with emotion and meaning. It is in the smallest details that we sense the greatest significance and can see the big picture. From his glorious urban skyscapes to the tender portrayal of a falling feather or the tying of a shoelace or a dog’s joy in scratching his back, Bob lets us in on a world view conveyed with humanity, compassion and affection. This is a book that is sure to connect quietly and powerfully with readers of all ages. The idea that we are all alone, and yet all as one in the world, is drawn with huge sensitivity and poetry. Bob Graham’s books are multi-award winning and have sold over two million copies worldwide! Buy Here.

Latest competition winners: The Long Haul Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Graeme Base, Dan Churchill

Congratulations to the winners of our recent competitions!

Winners of a signed copy of The Long Haul: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Rachel Gibbons
James Logan
Alison Fagan
Fleur Browne
Kristina Snowden

Winner of a signed copy of The Last King of Angkor Wat AND a hand drawn image by Graeme Base:


Winner of signed copy of The Healthy Cook by Dan Churchill

Angela Milesi

Please email Bookworld with your name and postal address at contact@bookworld.com.au to claim your prize.

Kris Kringle ideas for under $30

Got stuck with your CEO in the office Kris Kringle? Or did you luck out with the cousin that loves Grand Theft Auto, black tshirts and dark rooms? Or maybe you just need some (bulky) stocking fillers to beef up Santa’s present haul. We have you covered with the very best (and cheap) Kris Kringle presents for Christmas, no matter what your budget.

Under $30

Humans of New York

Not exactly the normal Kris Kringle present, this beautiful coffee table book is so cheap on Bookworld at the moment that you could totally blow your KK away for under $30. The hugely popular Facebook page led to this awesome collection of photos of everyday NY locals. Find out more…

Big Book of Numbers

9781921134326 2Adam Spencer, mathematician heart-throb geek wonder, has compiled everything you need to know about numbers. And we mean everything. Did you know that four is the only number for which the number of letters and the number itself match up? See, everything. Find out more…

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